Hello and welcome to my page!

However you found me I am grateful that you are here! I just thought I would introduce myself so you know a little about me and why I am here.

I am an autistic, ADHD, mum studying a PhD. I am proudly from Manchester in the UK and now live in Brisbane, Australia.

I love Gavin and Stacey, Disney, Stationery, Foo Fighters gigs, Football (soccer), Ice hockey and English chocolate/Greggs sausage rolls! If you like any of those things we will probably get on.

I am here as a way to get my many, many random thoughts out of my head, in hopefully a clear way that might be helpful to other people. I will talk a lot about autism and neurodiversity because obviously I am autistic and I have an autistic child. I am also doing a PhD which is you guessed it about autism, so it is a huge part of my life and a much misunderstood and debated topic.

I will also talk about study and my PhD journey as I am currently in the thick of this and it might help my stress relief and process my thoughts. There will probably be some random stuff along the way too as things pique my attention.

Hopefully it will be useful and slightly entertaining for you to be here. So that’s a little bit about me now I better start writing something else a bit more useful!

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