What Makes Taylor Hawkins So Special?

You will most certainly have heard of Taylor Hawkins this week, whether you have never heard of him before, whether you are a dedicated Foo Fighters fan, or somewhere in between.

Many tributes have expressed why Taylor was so unique, and this is my take.

I never met him; I never knew him, so it might seem strange that I write this. Who am I to comment after all?

They say you never forget your first love, don’t they? Well, Taylor Hawkins was MY first love, and I will never forget him.

As a 13-year-old girl, a friend of mine introduced me to a band called the Foo Fighters. I heard their first two albums and adored them. They were so different from anyone else I was listening to, and it just seemed like an awakening for my little teenage self. Then my best friend got Sky television, where MTV played, and we could see the music videos. So when I saw Monkey Wrench, I saw him… blonde and tanned and whacking the drums hard with hair flying, and that was it. I fell in love instantly.

My love for Taylor grew throughout every video, interview, song, and especially at the concerts, I was privileged enough to witness.

I love music and have a wide range of tastes. My Spotify list is interesting. However, it was ALWAYS Foo Fighters that held my heart and soul. I connected with their music in a way I never could with anyone else. A deep level where I felt they could see my soul. I loved them as people individually and as a unit, and being at their concerts was a biblical experience for me. I am never more myself when I am screaming to them, screaming back at me and feeling the vibrations ruminate around me of each instrument. An out-of-body experience I have been lucky enough to have eight times.

Taylor has had tributes from all over the music world this week. I don’t think I have ever seen so many for one individual. But, more importantly, and uniquely, I have also not seen a single bad word written about him. Instead, everyone speaks with such love and warmth for him and lets us into the little moments they shared—what a wonderful human with a generous, positive spirit.

He encouraged young musicians and always had time for fans. He had gratitude of impressive levels considering his raging success. Indeed, his last concert will always be remembered among many things for the comment, “I’d be delivering pizzas if it wasn’t for Dave Grohl”. He said the same about Alanis Morrisette too. He recognised they gave him the chance to become a superstar, but he never lost that humility. Dave Navarro recently made fun of him because he had an old phone, and he was not the least bit embarrassed. It calls and texts. What else did it need to do?!

He loved his family immensely, writing songs for them and talking about their importance. Likewise, he loved his friends and fellow musicians. However, his friendship with Dave Grohl would be considered more of a meeting of souls. You cannot look at a photo of them both without sensing the deep love and respect for each other.

His music knowledge and love for music are immense. His many musical heroes shaped his talent, and he adored Queen in particular. My Dad’s favourite band has always been Queen, so I was brought up on them. This has always seemed significant to me as another connection we shared. His drumming talent is obvious, but his singing and songwriting are often overlooked. An immense musical talent all around.

A hilarious, mischievous, energiser bunny of a man. An extraordinarily handsome and beautiful soul. “Sunshine in human form” as described by his hero Roger Taylor. Just look at his big beaming smile, and you can see that is a perfect description of him.

This is what makes Taylor Hawkins so special. What better person to be your first love? Heartbroken does not begin to cover it. Taylor – my love for you will be Everlong.